Launch Zoom Meeting Automatically from Telegram Bot

Ferry Djaja
5 min readSep 19, 2021

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can write a code to launch the Zoom meeting automatically from Telegram Bot. It is very useful, at least for my case, to communicate with my elderly parents who don’t know how to operate Zoom, create a meeting, etc. In this situation, I just click a button on my Telegram bot on my phone and the Zoom meeting session is automatically launched on my parents’ tablet and I can immediately communicate with them. I am utilising the kiosk browser to turn on and off the tablet screen, so it will turn on the screen when the meeting session starts and off the screen when the meeting finishes.

I know it sounds creepy and breaks the privacy issue, but I use this again to communicate with others who don’t know how to use Zoom. The other good thing is that you can share the meeting URL with others so they can join together.

Take note that this app will only work on the Android OS at the moment. I have tested on my Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android version 11.

Components to Prepare

  • Telegram Bot ID and Token
  • Zoom JWT API Key and Secret
  • termux (termux, termux:boot, termux:float)
  • NodeJS Telegram Bot App
  • Fully Kiosk Browser

Telegram Bot ID and Token

Install the Telegram client on your mobile phone and use the Type botfather to search for the BotFather from the Telegram Web. We will get the bot token and id.

Type/newbotcommand to create a new bot. Give a name and username for your bot. Take note of the access token that was generated.

Now we need to get the bot id. Install the node-telegram-bot-api,

pkg install nodejsnpm install -g node-telegram-bot-api jsonwebtoken request-promise node-telegram-bot-api child_process ops