Chat with Workato Dashboard with MemGPT

Ferry Djaja
4 min readNov 29, 2023

In this blog post, I will discuss the process of retrieving real-time data from the Workato Dashboard and initiating a conversation with an agent to obtain information directly from the Dashboard. For instance, we can inquire about the number of failed jobs for a specific recipe. We will get the insights from the Workato Admin Dashboard through an interactive chat with the agent !

Some of the questions we can ask:

  • Which Concur recipes have the highest task consumption?
  • What is the latest job run for recipe ABC?
  • Provide JSON details for recipe ABC
  • Retrieve the recipe that has run most recently
  • What is the task usage for recipe ABC ?
Chat with Workato Dashbaord with MemGPT

To make this happen, I’ll be using Azure OpenAI along with a custom function for MemGPT that we’ll write from this guideline.

Workato Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard in Workato gives users a bird’s-eye view of their account data, including recipes and connections. It provides real-time insights, analytics, and actions to help users quickly identify and resolve issues.

To obtain the relevant information from the Workato Dashboard, I am using the following URL. Currently, there is no available Workato API to retrieve the information. You can use the Burp Suite tool to capture the HTTP traffic and extract the relevant information from there.{one_month_ago}&started_at_to={today}&sort_term=failed_job_count&sort_direction=asc&recipe_type=active&folder_id=xxxx

We also need to pass the parameter started_at_from, started_at_to and folder_id.