In this blog, I am going to share how you can make your WhatsApp Group chat more fun.

I have been using WhatsApp app a lot. I using it to communicate with my families, friends, colleagues or anyone that is also in WhatsApp. I also created a group chat in WhatsApp for my internal family member, my bigger families and with colleagues and friends.

Sometimes the group chat can be very quite, none of us post a single chat message in a single day. I was thinking why not create a bot to post a daily chat summary activity by…

This tutorial will guide you how to install Zoom on Xiaomi Mi Box S. Zoom app is not available in the default installation and you cannot find it while searching from Google Play Store menu from the device.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Streaming Media Player

This is a great streaming media player that you can buy with a reasonable price to entertain whole family. I have been using it mainly to watch YouTube and browsing. It powered by Android 8 with Quad-core CPU and 8 GB memory capacity. Further more, it has also built-In Google Assistant and in Apps voice search.

With the abovementioned specification, I have…

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how we can create a communication system using Zoom Meeting for the elderly with limited mobility. In this scenario, we can initiate a meeting request with Zoom from our mobile phone and on the other side (elderly), they can immediately join the meeting without need their intervention. On the other hand, the elderly can make an emergency call by pressing a button.

What We Need to Prepare

From the hardware side, we need a mini computer to install the Zoom app client and to host our app that we are going to build. This computer should be equipped with a…

This is a proof-of-concept (PoC) app which we can leverage the Zoom Meeting app

I have built a prototype using Zoom Meeting app to notify me if someone rings my doorbell and I can communicate with him or her directly via a voice call from my mobile phone. I am sharing this idea to hope for others to learn, modify and enhance.

Architecture Diagram

The architecture diagram is shown in the screenshot below. It is pretty simple but is working.

NodeJS Server

This is the heart of the application that does the following:

  • Read event from the doorbell sensor.
  • Once event is detected, create…

This tutorial will walkthrough how to secure R REST API with Sodium using RestRserve framework.


As mentioned in, Sodium is a modern, easy-to-use software library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing and more.

The sodium R package provides bindings to libsodium,


RestRserve is an R web API framework for building high-performance and robust microservices and app backends.

API Key Generator Logic

We will create a table in database to store the keys and phrases. With this we can use multiple keys and phrases. We can also add a flag in the table to indicate whether the key is active or inactive.


In this tutorial, I will walk through how to use TensorFlow Data API to load and preprocess the data. This tutorial (and code) is based on the book Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow.

Deep learning systems are often trained on very large datasets that will not fit in RAM. With TensorFlow Data API, it makes easy to get the data, load and transform it. TensorFlow takes care of all implementation details, such as multithreading, queueing, batching and prefetching. Moreover, the Data API works seamlessly with tf.keras.

The Data API can read data from text files (such as…

In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform sentiment analysis with IMDb review datasets. I am going to walkthrough what I have learned from the Book Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems

IMDb datasets consist of 50,000 movie reviews in English (25,000 for training and 25,000 for testing) with the binary target for each review indicating it is negative (0) or positive (1) review. Let’s get started !

We will load the dataset with Keras method

Build a simple app to copy and paste your surroundings to Microsoft PowerPoint

I was inspired by the idea of AR Copy Paste to build the app to cut and paste the object to PowerPoint and to mention is without AR :)

This app can only be run in Windows system. I have tested on Windows 10 Enterprise 64 Bit with PowerPoint for Office 365 MSO 64 Bit.

There are three major modules we will build:

  • The Background Removal Server
  • The Local Server
  • The PPT Server
  • An UI App

Most of the codes here are taken from with little modification to meet our needs.

The Background Removal Server

The background removal server is responsible to remove…

Build a parser to extract the table in PDF document with RetinaNet

Image taken from

I was inspired to build another PDF table extraction with deep learning method after reading this great blog PDFs’ parsing using YOLOv3. Since I have done an object detection and localization with RetinaNet, why don’t give a try to apply the same method with Keras-RetinaNet.

There are two parts we will build. In the first part, I will go through how to train Keras-RetinaNet to detect tables in PDF file and save the weight. …

In this tutorial, we will setup a VOIP server using Raspberry Pi 4, Cisco Linksys SPA3102 and RasPBX.

Cisco SPA3102

I will be using Cisco Linksys SPA3102. This is old model and looks like is no longer supported by Cisco, but is still working. You can try to search from eBay or Amazon and get one.

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